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Git – Why do we need Version Control System

To learn the concept of Version Control System. let’s take Real World Example, there are 4 coders they are known to code websites. If 4 coders start independently the website comes with 4 different styles and designs.

Understanding Splunk Fishbucket

Splunk fishbucket keeps seek pointers and CRCs for the indexed files inside the directory. This directory is called fishbucket. Since through fishbucket we can know which data has already been indexed, so splunkd can tell if it has been read already and avoid duplicate indexing.


Why is DevOps needed

Today’s world is all about the automation technologies. Human nature is now completely dependent on these technologies. Artificial Intelligent, IoT, Machine learning are the main Automation technology. This era consists of technology like ML,...

Introduction to Docker for Beginners

Docker is the platform that provides an isolated environment to run/deploy your application in the form of containers.
It separates the code from the infrastructure so that developer can concentrate on code only and don’t worry about the different environment issues

Splunk Interview Questions and Answers

100 Splunk Interview Questions and Answers

Splunk Interview Questions: What is Splunk and its uses? Splunk is a software used for monitoring, searching, analyzing the machine data in real time. The data source can be web application, sensors, devices, or user created data.

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